Dublin Placenta Encapsulation Service

Fresh or Steamed (TCM) Encapsulation?

In the fresh method, the placenta is thoroughly washed and then dried and dehydtrated in a sterile process. The dried placenta is then ground into a powder and put into capsules.

placenta capsulesThe Steamed (TCM) method is where the placenta is lightly steamed prior to the drying process with ginger lemon and chilli. In this way it becomes more “yang” and within TCM it is believed that women are very yin after giving birth and so benefit from the additional “heat” in a more yang product. Once the steaming process is finished, it is dried and dehydrated in a similar way to placentas encapsulated with the Fresh Method.

The placenta will then be made into capsules, once they are ready you can come and collect them or they will be sent back to you via special delivery or hand delivered  back to your home address.

In addition to the capsules I will give you a a Free placenta print AND I will give you a Free umbilical cord keepsake

The process is as follows

1. You will need to buy a cooler bag, four re usable freezer packs, a 1 litre sealable tupperware plastic box.

2. You will need to take these to the hospital with you if you are having a hospital birth. If you are having a home birth you will just need them on standby in case you get transferred to hospital, and if you dont you will just use the sealable tub

3/ When you think your labour is starting you will need to call or text me so that I know to be ready to collect your placenta.

4. When your baby is born your midwife will need to double bag your placenta and put it in the tupperware tub and if you are having a hospital birth this then goes directly into the cooler bag with the re useable freezer packs and you or your partner will contact me to tell me the placenta is ready for collection. If you are having a home birth then the tupperware tub goes into the fridge and you or your partner contact me to arrange a time to collect it.

5. Placentas can only stay for TWO hours in room temperature before going to the cooler bag. Ideally placentas should be transferred to a fridge from a cooler bag within THREE hours of being birthed and definitely before SIX hours have elapsed. This means that if your baby is born after 7pm in hospital your partner will have to take your placenta home in the cooler bag when he/she leaves the hospital so that your placenta can be properly refrigerated and then they will need to make arrangements to have the placenta collected or dropped off the next day, or day after.

6. If you prefer, you or your partner can drop your placenta to me. I am located in central Dublin close to the city centre so easily accessible from all of the main maternity hospitals.

Cost of placenta encapsulation fresh or steamed (TCM) €185